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Can a Car have Two Insurance Policies?

What do you do if you want to borrow your father’s car for a few days while your car is in for repairs or your brother needs your car to drive around while visiting you? It is mandatory to have an insurance cover on your car when driving in the UK and there are situations when car owners find it extremely difficult and time-consuming to add another drive to their existing insurance policy.

What to do if your insurance policy won’t add another driver?

In such situations, it is possible to have two insurance policies on the same car for different drivers. This is not illegal and can be a handy solution when you are unable to add another driver to your policy. Moreover, adding another driver on your insurance policy can be a tedious task as well as costly at times. Under these circumstances, getting a short term insurance policy is the most recommended solution.

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Benefits of a Short term Insurance Policy

A short term insurance policy can cover another driver on your car for a period, as short as a day to as many as 28 days. This is a reliable as well as a cost-effective way to allow another driver to use your car. The insured needs to pay only for the period that the coverage is required for, instead of an annual fee. Moreover, such a policy is a completely stand-alone one and does not, in any way, affect the existing annual insurance policy or hamper the no-claims discount (NCD) in the unfortunate event of an accident.

A short term or a temporary car insurance policy is most beneficial for those who need to drive another car for a few days and need an insurance cover for it. The age limit for this policy is 21 to 75 years and the driver needs to have a full UK driving license to be able to avail it.

This insurance policy also provides comprehensive cover, whereas being added as another driver on an existing insurance policy or using one’s own does not guarantee that. Availing this policy is also helpful in saving time and money rather than going through the whole process of making changes to your annual policy.

Therefore, a car can have two insurance policies in special circumstances; however, it is illegal if one tries to make a claim on both the policies for the same car and the same mishap or accident.


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